With this project I wanted to tell a story of the family. About the passing of time and the struggles and happiness of the everyday. The strength of my father and the warm, generous heart of my mother. It is a story of the disappearing heritage. The homes that would slowly be consumed by the hands of time. Family traditions and crafts like beekeeping die out due to the children not being present to take it over.

I expect my audience will relate to the work. I’m hoping the viewer willfind themselves within the pages of this book. I am inviting the viewer into my family kitchen. A place where my dad has his morning coffeebefore his ritual of shaving whilst having light conversation about UFOs . They’ll see my mom coming back from the greenhouse with her hands full of the sweetest and tastiest tomatoes.

There was no doubt that the inspiration for this project was my dad. I always thought I was more like my mom. Working through this project however - I grew to understand that my own quirkiness and charismawas courtesy of my dad. He was feeling very confident in front of thecamera and he was curious about what I might produce in the end. This project gave us both the opportunity to rebuild a connection which had weakened over time.

All the images in the project are a result of this place or the objects within this place. There are many stories contained within. From the door hook which worked as an alarm or knowing that when grandmother is upstairs - it is time to be quiet. The landscape which reminds me that there was the time my grandparents abandoned the family home with all their belongings to avoid being sent to Siberia. The New Years Evewhen my brother and his friend thought it was a great idea to jump offthe armchairs and touch the ceiling while everyone was dancing away.

This book is an honest reflection and a love letter of an aching heartfrom the child who had to leave her home, in search of a better future.