Alternative photography is my preferable media because of uncertainty and unpredictability I can use to my advantage. Cyanotype is one of the oldest photography techniques invented in 1842, typically used on paper or fabrics, but because of its liquid chemical form, I adopted it to coatingglass plates. Photographs are first taken on 4x5 film and developed on glass plates with no editing or modification tocreate a true print.

Of, all the subjects I’ve ever photographed - I’m constantly drawn back to photographing men. Later in my career, I have noticed that the camera helps me to develop an honest and open relationship with my photographic subjects. It is not just about the image making any more; it has become a way to learn and understand men.

For a few years I have been interested in emotions and human behavior, especially of the male. I have observed numerous Ted Talks and read books about psychology. Before I started this project I came across a short video by Jordan Stephenson Toxic Masculinity. Despite my interest in emotions and human behaviour, I found this insight into the male psyche quite shocking. As a result, I spent quite some time looking into the topic of toxic masculinity but quite quickly I drifted away from “toxicity” and rather focusing on trying to understand what it means to be a male, emotionally. The need for emotional intelligence between humans without gender role.

Despite the robustness of glass in comparison to paper, therein lies fragility of the glass prints. Even after the plate is dry, the chemistry can be easily dissolved in warm wateror scratched away. I find there is beauty in this contrastbetween strong bodies and fragile technique, touching on the similarity of the strength of a man and the tenderness of human emotions.